About The CED

 The Centre for Educational Development specializes in the creation and execution of outstanding professional development for schools and those in educational settings. We curate events on behalf of Teaching School Alliances and groups of educators, as well as promote our own in-house courses. 

We are entirely dedicated to transforming teachers’ classroom experiences and careers. Events are on topic, fast-paced, in-depth forums coupled with the backing of forward thinking businesses and digital leaders. Speakers and trainers range from thought leaders, outstanding headteachers, best-selling authors to phenomenal line-crossing academics.

The training is solely tailored to meet and surpass teachers’ needs and desires. Every occasion offers educationalists the chance to mingle with their peers, debate and discuss major educational paradigms, investigate new modes of thinking and share the best practices. Together we’ll drive education skyward.

The CED are always working to affirm and promote the relentless importance of continuing professional development as a major part of lifelong learning.

Thinking of training and don’t know where to start? We want to hear from you. If you have any further queries about the site, our deep dark history, or want to bounce training ideas off us – go ahead.

Email: alex@theced.co.uk