Achieve, Evidence and Sustain Outstanding Behaviour Improvement

Leading the Difficult Class to Educational Success

5th July 2016  London

With teacher-student rapport and student behaviour, time and time again, emerging as the two leading factors in teacher retention and job satisfaction, this conference aims to boost both through creating a winning learning environment.  Gain accurate insight into the extent to which deficits in the working classroom limit achievement and opportunity for students. Reconcile the tension between educational inclusions, that is, not removing difficult pupils from schools – and the right of all pupils to learn in an atmosphere most conducive to success. When behaviour information is shared, understood and acted upon then we are well placed to address the causes of inappropriate behaviour more effectively. Join today. 

  • Instill a right to learn attitude in classrooms in England
  • Implement, maintain and evidence an effective whole-school strategy for outstanding behaviour
  • Eradicate low level disruption, embed a strategy for crisis interventions and a behaviour for learning culture
  • Successfully lead (not manage) behaviour proactively
  • How to settle a student on the brink of exclusion; re-engaging them with learning
  • See the impact of giving children responsibility for their behaviour
  • Focus on optimising pupil learning rather than on control issues
  • Build positive parental support
9.30        Registration and refreshments

10.00      Ofsted Outstanding Behavior // Ofsted HMI

  • What triggers a ‘no notice’ inspection?
  • Clarify how Ofsted will now be inspecting behaviour at your school

10.30      The Implications of  the DofE Behaviour and Discipline in Schools Guidance 

  • Your new powers to discipline pupils. What is necessary and what is advisory – what you must and should do to meet your new responsibilities
  • Governmental best practice for managing behaviour in school
  • Legal frameworks for setting punishments and sanctions
  • Know exactly what action you can take to reduce behaviour issues
  • Gain a comprehensive update of your new legal rights to search, screen and confiscate
  • What is ‘reasonable force’?

11.00       Break

11.20       5 Principles of Positive Behaviour Leadership

  • Identify, highlight and praise the positive behaviour in order to eradicate bad behaviour
  • Make pupils set the ground rules. Turn the gauntlet around and empower your students
  • It starts with you – behave like you want to be there
  • Dealing with pupils who call out. Strategies to give everyone a chance to feel involved. Establish a signal for attention
  • Make a plan for dealing with common precursors of bad behaviour and ensure actions have known consequences
  • Consult and feedback

11.50       Making Behaviour Data Count: how to use your behaviour data for school improvement 

  • Turning data into useable information – what, when and how to measure
  • Understanding the data and setting a baseline so progress can be demonstrated and impact can be shown. Why this is especially important within pupil nurture groups
  • Literacy. Why mapping behaviour issues against literacy is vital
  • Behaviour systems. What’s on the market and what will work for your particular setting and goals. Know specific behaviours, what subjects, which teachers, timings and other factors that affect behaviour within the school
  • Disseminating data, patterns and trends and how to help those to act upon it
  • Using behaviour data to transform. Pinpoint priorities for whole school improvement together

12.40       Lunch and Sponsor Social Meet

13.30       Intervention Central

  • What to do, how to act and the follow-up of situations of extreme behaviour
  • Techniques to turn around pupils who repeatedly display poor behaviour

14.20       Eradicating Low Level Disruption

  • The route forward is routine
  • Deal with behaviour proactively through building effective classroom routines

15. 10       Parental Role Models

  • Strengthen parental involvement through tried and tested school-home communication strategies
  • Evidence home-school progress and clarify upon how to present this to Ofsted
  • How to make sure parents feel responsible and accountable for their children’s behaviour in school without feeling pressurized. Gain their full support of the school’s behaviour leadership principles
  • Keep parents on-board when issues arise. How to build bridges and not divide
  • Interventions innovations to reach out to distant parents to combat persisting issues of bad behaviour

16. 00       Whole-School Behaviour Policy

  • Models of participation. How to ensure all staff buy-in to behaviour policies 
  • Devote CPD time to update staff on behaviour development and outstanding behaviour leadership techniques
  • Build a system where you support one another in making sanctions, consequences and rewards stick
  • Create and sustain consistency in behaviour sanctions and attendance

15.50         Q & A

16.20         Close  

  • Headteachers and Principals
  • Deputy Headteachers
  • Assistant Headteachers
  • Behaviour and Attendance Officers
  • Pastoral Officers
  • Heads of Year
  • Inclusion Managers
  • SENCos
5th July 2016 London  // Central London location TBC


All tickets inclusive of refreshments, lunch, and delegate packs. 

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  • 1 delegate place £299 (+VAT)
  • Additional delegate places £269 (+VAT) each

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